• General information
    You are visiting Moodle system that is being administrated by Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Informatics. The University Moodle system can be reached by URL https://moodle.ktu.edu/.
    In case of questions or suggestions, please contact the
    system administrator.

    Information for system users

    Dear teachers and students, on purpose to develop courses or to study in KTU IF Moodle system, you have to login into the system with your single university account through this login form!

    If you don’t have such an account, you can create it here: http://registracija.ktu.lt. If you are not an employee or a student in the university and you are not able to create your single university account, but you still need to login into the KTU IF Moodle system, please contact the
    system administrator.

    Logged in teachers will be able requesting a course, i.e. to fill the request form to add a new course. In the added course you will be able to develop the course virtual learning environment and to teach in it.

    Logged in students will be able finding a course which was introduced by teacher, to enrol yourself into that course (you will need enrolment key, which will give a teacher), if a teacher had not enrolled yet, and to study.